Made By Legacy is a collective community of individuals who share great passion about vintage, arts-and-crafts, and free spirit lifestyle, from what they use in everyday life to their attitudes. A humble vision of Made By Legacy 'New Old Community' is to bring together different subcultures of vintage-classic community, curating a social gathering which highlights the communal living, economic freedom and building stronger foundation for appreciation of classic-authentic craftsmanship.

Our current network is made up of over 300 collectors, members, and vendors, from all over Thailand as well as international associates. More than a decade since its humble beginnings on a small rooftop, the Made By Legacy's 'Flea Market has grown to become a highly anticipated event, drawing in over 15,000 attendants each time, many of who are well-known figures in the local creative and retail scenes, lifestyle influencers, artists from various disciplines, new-gen movers and shakers, Expats living in Bangkok as well as visiting tourists from all around the world.

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